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Dog & Handler Security


Whether this is preventing evicted squatters re-occupying a vacant property, safeguarding full warehouses or isolated industrial estates from robbery or maintaining crowd control in difficult circumstances – security dog units provide highly effective security in cases where a lone security officer would be outnumbered. In addition to ensuring efficient security, experienced security dog handlers have the ability to replace upto 3 security officers, and it is highly cost-effective security alternative as well.

Our Dog Teams are fully compliant with the requirements of BS 8517-1:2009 Security Dogs – Code of Practice for the use of security dogs and the Guard Dogs Act 1975. The presence, visibility and effectiveness of uniformed security guards is enhanced if those specialists are professional dog handlers, using the animal’s enhanced ability to detect trespassers or intruders through their keen sight, astonishing sense of smell and their sharp hearing. Very often, the dog handler will be alerted to unexpected activity by his canine partner long before they can be seen or even picked up on surveillance systems.

Industry leading guarding services. 

Extreme reliability and professionalism


Leading The Field: 

> Regularly training to advance the handler's and K9's performance, knowledge and skills

> Risk Assessment is carried out before deployment of a handler and K9 team onto any assignment

> Use of contingency training to make any necessary adjustments in methods, procedures and legislation

> Cost effective

> experienced security dog handlers have the ability to replace upto 3 security officers

> K9 units can be supplied at short notice